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Build with blockchain,
skip the code.

The fastest, easiest way to to add Blockchain to your
HTML or Website.
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Use no-code tools like Webflow, Squarespace and others.


Anywhere you can edit HTML, you can add Blockchain.


Building with blockchain takes 200+ lines of code. With DappHero, start with Zero.
You do you.

No Code?
No Problem.

We're building DappHero to work with no-code platforms like Webflow, Squarespace, and others.

Build with the tools you already know and love, leave the blockchain to us.
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Low-Code for the Win!

Anywhere you can edit your HTML, you can add Blockchain. Go as low-code as you like!
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  • 1
    Get a Script Tag
    Create a project in the DappHero Admin and add your smart contracts
  • 2
    Tag your Elements
    Simply tag your website elements with the blockchain feature you want and when you're live, the blockchain will be there for you.
  • 3
    Deploy and enjoy
    No complicated code, not complex logic. Your blockchain features are ready as soon as your site is live.
You don't have to code to take home top prize.

Turbo charge your Hackathon

People are talking #dapphero

"If their alpha is anything to go by, the final product is going to be fantastic. I've been waiting for something like this since 2015!"
"This was my third time at ETHDenver, but with DappHero, it was the first time I was able to build something."
-EthDenver 2020 Hacker
Empowering Builders

Builders love using DappHero

Forty Percent of ETHDenver 2020 finalists used DappHero to help supercharge their projects! (COZ, ShopiFi, WolfPack, SNODEX)
Skylar Weaver
Project AFA
"DappHero makes it easier for anyone — whether a dev or designer — to build on blockchain, to turn their dapp idea into reality."
Founder at Govrn
"I've been looking for a tool that lets me experiment and build[...] Dapphero is one of the first tools that me actually lets me do this is an easy and understandable way"
EthDenver 2020 Winner
"DappHero enabled us to go from zero to 60 in no time"
"I have been building dApps since 2015 and prototyping and smart contract integration have always been headaches. With dAppHero I was able to focus on my smart contract and get my front end up and running quickly and without hassle."

Get access to the next wave of creators, through one script tag.

DappHero already integrates 3rd party technologies like 3Box. Get in touch if you would like to add yours.

For Builders

  • Boilerplate for Blockchain is up to 200 lines of code. Skip it. Supercharge your hackathon project and get to the good stuff.
  • Unsure of how the Web3 API interface works? Skip it. Focus on your idea, not learning a new development environment or tech stack.
  • Don't have a code IDE setup? Skip it. Use tools you already know and love- get the best of blockchain and related technologies through one script tag.

For Projects

  • Need users? DappHero's popularity at Hackathons makes it an ideal platform to integrate your project. Nearly 25% of ETHDenver projects used DappHero.
  • Get that magic "ah-ha" moment with builders trying your tech-stack for the first time. Approx. 1/3 of ETHDenver users were new builders.
  • Empower a new audience of builders excited with ideas and creativity, not bombard them with code. Nearly 40% of ETHDenver Impact finalists used DappHero.
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Hello, Welcome to DappHero!
We are currently in Alpha seeking intrepid builders, hackers, and creators to experiment! If you are with a Hackathon project, welcome!